The Effect of Catalysts on Reaction Rate

A CATALYST is a substance that can speed up a reaction
but the catalyst is not changed by that reaction


One common use of catalysts is in a catalytic converter ...

A Random Technology catalytic converter
(Random Technology)

A catalytic converter is a special device that speeds up the breakdown of harmful chemicals (such as unburnt fuel and carbon monoxide) that normally cause pollution from car exhausts.

Inside the catalytic converter is the catalyst. This substance is used to coat a sponge-like material. When the car exhaust passes through the sponge, the catalyst causes the poisonous gases to react with oxygen in the air .... making them safe.

The catalyst in the catalytic converter speeds up the reaction that breaks down the poisonous gases ... but the catalyst is not used up in the chemical reaction.

STIHL's converter for 2-stroke chainsaw engines


Use the above passage to fill in these missing words ...

A catalyst is a substance that up a chemical reaction. The is the only thing that has not changed once the reaction is over.

A common use of catalysts is in the converter. The catalyst in a catalytic converter changes poisonous into less harmful ones. For example, the gas carbon is converted to carbon dioxide when it reacts with oxygen in the .

The catalyst in the catalytic converter is used to coat a sponge. When engine fumes pass through the sponge a reaction that breaks them down occurs.

The catalytic converter, then, up the reaction between oxygen and car exhaust gases.

The exhaust gases are changed in the converter but the inside it isn't.

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Catalysts are very useful ... because they speed up chemical reactions and they are never used up.
So why don't we use them all the time ?
The main reason is that many catalysts are made of very expensive substances - such as Platinum


Now answer these questions ...

What is the name of a substance that speeds up a reaction ?

Are catalysts changed by the reaction they speed up (yes/no) ?

What sort of converter breaks down car exhaust fumes ?

Carbon monoxide gas is converted to what other gas ? Carbon

The catalyst inside the catalytic converter is used to coat what ?

Car engine exhaust fumes pass through what ? The Catalytic

What gas (found in the air) do the exhaust fumes react with ?

Is the catalyst in the catalytic converter changed during the process (yes/no) ?

Are catalysts mainly cheap or expensive ?

What metal is often used as a catalyst ?

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